The Indian market is truly experimental in nature and the Indian E-commerce industry is an arena, which has a great scope for growth with major online players having their base in this Asian Country. Coming to deals and offers the e-commerce traders have taken the complete advantage of the consumerist behavior and the craze towards shopping with coupons and offers.

Shopping enthusiasts have all the time been searching for some reason to shop and with the endless offers and discount coupons on the net; they have found an undeniable reason to shop till they drop. With the many forms of discount codes and offers spread on the Internet, it also becomes a challenging task to find out where to find the best deal in the market. So here we present to you the top 5 sites that rule the Asian E-commerce market. These are the sites known to offer the best deals, offers, coupons and rebates.


This gets the 1st position when it comes to the easiest user-interface of all the other sites and provides the most relevant offers that can be filtered by the customers according to their region and locality. This customization helps customers to pick the best deal around them apart from being offered a great deals on online shopping sites like Myntra, Voonik, Jabong, eBay and many more.


It is also a best online site that offers excellent coupons and offers. The reason for CouponDunia missing the first position is that it lags behind in local deals when compared to MyDala. But rest of the offers and coupons are at par and even more forward than CouponDunia is well known for its customer friendly user interface, where it allows the users to filter and choose their coupons according to different categories.


This is a site that is the favorite of all who would really love to get cash back. With most of the sites providing coupons and discount codes, CashKaro is a site that provides cash back benefits in addition to the regular offers. This site also gives add-on advantages to customer that allows them to route their cash back amounts to their bank account, which makes the online shopping an amazing task to be enjoyed.


DesiDime is the first option to any shopper when it comes to choosing coupons and discount codes. The options available are indeed huge and the possibility to sort and select the coupon according to the dealers is wonderful in this site. With the variety of coupons, one will be just carried away and this even leads to customers purchasing more due to the incredible offers. Customers even go ahead and stockpile products on sale, since the price after discount are mostly rock-bottom prices. Check out this website for further details about Discount codes.


Though is a global couponing company, it has a dedicated site to the Indian market – Unlike the other sites it does not over shower the customers with a number of offers making them feel confused as to what to select. Instead they have a well-organized setup wherein the customer is given an option to filter the coupons according to his needs based on the product, the dealer or the budget. This keeps the site simple and clutter-free.

There are other sites that are tough competitors in the Indian market. With a huge scope for development and a even huge population of people ready to plunge into the sea of online shopping, coupons and the couponing companies has a massive space for vivid development. With more and more of research going on to study the customer tastes and preferences, companies come up with a number of fresh and innovative offers and coupons that keeps the customers excited and roped in to the concept of online shopping and couponing.

With exclusive research and development departments to ponder onto the various ideas of how the market could be explored in a more productive and mutually beneficial manner, the couponing companies have risen up as huge e-commerce trading giants that makes the task of online shopping truly interesting and amazing. All the customer database that the companies have procured are put to use in an effective way that leads to effective leverage of shopping coupons.