About Us

We are a couponing company having our operations in the great Asian Nation – India. We are well aware of the fact Indian E-commerce market has a huge scope for development and the people of India are open to changes and hence welcome any positive effort that is meant to benefit them. This is the reason why we decided to tap the Indian market.

Moreover India being a diverse nation of various culture and various forms of people, any form of trading either online or offline is sure to attain success with proper planning and execution of the marketing strategies.

We understand this factor and we have a dedicated team to do proper research activities of both the market and consumer behavior so that we come up with the best offers and coupons that would be beneficial for the people.

When the planning process is perfectly done, the execution part needs attention and for this we have identified the most rewarding channels through which the coupons designed are to be distributed. We follow a certain customized code to keep track of the number of coupons distributed through each channel and the corresponding redemptions.

We always see to that the offers that we provide suit all types of customers and we also provide our customers an extraordinary option to sort and filter the coupons available with us.

We believe that too much of anything is good for nothing and so we do not bombard our customers with a number of coupons. Instead we make sure that the customer is able to find out the best-suited coupon from the categorical listing available on our site. This makes the coupon searching experience of the shopper a fruitful and a more organized one.